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Zodiac star sign bracelet - Virgo

Zodiac star sign bracelet - Virgo

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Zodiac bracelet for a Virgo!

This bracelet is not the same as a birthstone bracelet.

After researching the properties of crystals and traits of the zodiac signs I have intuitively chosen crystals that I think would benefit those born under the star sign of Virgo :)


Adjustable between 3-8.5”


- Sapphire

- Lapis lazuli

- Apatite

- Rainbow moonstone

- Amethyst

- Carnelian

- Unakite

- 925 sterling silver plated wire

- adjustable stainless steel bracelet


(Note: You may not receive the exact bracelet in the photo but you can be assured that it will be made with the same high quality, ethically sourced beads.)


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