Welcome to my crystal emporium

Thank you so much for joining me, with your love of crystal jewellery and my love of creating beautiful gemstone jewellery, I hope you find all you are looking for and more!

  • Chakra Gemstones

    Specific colours and properties of gemstones relate to each chakra, I find this fascinating!

    White/Clear/Lilac - Crown Chakra - Muladhara

    Purple - Third Eye Chakra - Swadhisthana

    Blue - Throat Chakra - Manipura

    Green/Pink - Heart Chakra - Anahata

    Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Vishuddha

    Orange - Sacral Chakra - Anja

    Red - Root Chakra - Sahasrara

  • Ethical Sourcing

    Ensuring that the gemstones I use in my creations is of the utmost importance to me.

    I have spent years curating a preffered suppliers list, only those whom adhere to strict policies on ethical trade, anti-slavery/human trafficking, equal opportunities policies, ethics and health and safety policies are on my list.

  • Designed and handmade by Ellie

    Each and every single piece of jewellery that I sell has been designed and handmade by myself.

    In my home workshop, I love to come up with new ways to showcase beautiful crystals in beautiful pieces of jewellery.

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