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Ellies Handmade Art

Opal crystal hoop earrings in silver

Opal crystal hoop earrings in silver

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Gorgeous rainbow opal crystal hoop earrings.


Each crystal is handpicked with care and hand-wrapped with love and intention to create these breathtaking pieces of jewellery. 



- Opals

- Blue Opal

- Green Opal

- Peruvian Opal

- Pink Opal

- 925 Silver plated wire

- Earrings measure approximately 32x32mm.

 Opal: Imagination, inspiration, emotional healing, protection, purification

Peruvian opal: Communication, Tranquility, Emotional Healing, Creativity, Hope.

Green opal: Renewal, Growth, Prosperity, Heart-Opening, Nurturing.

Blue opal: Calming, Soothing, Enhances Intuition, Communication, Serenity.

Pink opal: Compassion, Emotional Healing, Love, Self-awareness, Forgiveness.


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