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Opal chandelier hoop earrings in silver

Opal chandelier hoop earrings in silver

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Gorgeous rainbow opal crystal chandelier hoop earrings.

Step up your bling game with these gorgeous rainbow opal crystal chandelier hoop earrings! Handpicked and hand wrapped with love and intention, they're the perfect way to bring a bit of sparkle and healing to your wardrobe.

With opals, blue opal, green opal, Peruvian opal and pink opal, you'll have all the tranquility, emotional healing, communication, creativity and love you need! (Plus, they measure approximately 22x65mm - win!)

Each crystal is handpicked with care and hand-wrapped with love and intention to create these breathtaking pieces of jewellery. 



- Opals

- Blue Opal

- Green Opal

- Peruvian Opal

- Pink Opal

- 925 Silver plated wire

- Earrings measure approximately 22x65mm.

Opal: Imagination, inspiration, emotional healing, protection, purification

Peruvian opal: Communication, Tranquility, Emotional Healing, Creativity, Hope.

Green opal: Renewal, Growth, Prosperity, Heart-Opening, Nurturing.

Blue opal: Calming, Soothing, Enhances Intuition, Communication, Serenity.

Pink opal: Compassion, Emotional Healing, Love, Self-awareness, Forgiveness.


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