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. New ✨ Golden mushroom, clear quartz, purple and green starment hoop earrings

. New ✨ Golden mushroom, clear quartz, purple and green starment hoop earrings

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Beautiful golden mushroom and clear quartz crystal hoop earrings.

These statement hoops are not for the faint hearted! Fit for a forest goddess waiting to emerge ! 🌳✨🧘‍♀️ 


The symbolism of a golden mushroom represents prosperity and transformation. The golden colour symbolises wealth and abundance, signifying good fortune.

Mushrooms' rapid growth mirrors personal development and enlightenment. Their rarity highlights unique value and individuality.

In a spiritual context, a golden mushroom suggests alchemy and inner enlightenment, reflecting spiritual growth. Overall, it embodies prosperity, transformation, rarity, and spiritual evolution.


The clear quartz also packs a punch! Ideal for focusing and amplifying your energy, this incredible crystal can help cleanse your surroundings and help you to maintain a positive mindset!

It will support you with your intention setting and manifestation as well as protect you from negative energies.


- Clear Quartz

- Stainless steel gold plated mushroom 

- Purple miyuki seed beads

- Turquoise green miyuki seed beads 

- Rose gold miyuki seed beads 

- Stainless steel memory wire

- Gold plated ware hooks

- Earrings measure approximately 65mm.

 Add some magic to your day ✨🍄💎

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